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Get Avidemux to run on MacOS X Lion

Mi scuso con i lettori italiani, ma vista l’importanza (per me e non solo) di questo articolo, lo scrivo in inglese. Il succo è che la versione linkata di Avidemux funziona su Lion.

After upgrading my Mac to Lion I was very disappointed: Avidemux, my #1 video app crashed upon launch. After a little research on the web, I found a post by eagle007 in Avidemux’s forums that explained that the crash was caused by a library used by Avidemux, libiconv.2.dylib.

He managed to get an updated version of the library and replace the one in the application bundle, thus making Avidemux work again. I really want to thank him for his awesome work.

In case his link goes down, I took the liberty to upload the file to another file hosting site, here is the link:

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